Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Being Compared to Nazis by Someone Who Knows...

Prosecutors are used to Nazi references and it goes with the territory. But not many of us nowadays have been compared directly by someone who knew us both.

Years ago, fairly early in my car following days, the OHH had a joint meet with Midland. Mr. Hardaway had just started going in a vehicle himself, and they had him ride with me.

It wasn't so much of a day, up and down hills and through some water. There was very little sideways motion of the Cherokee. And we did keep up.

The next day, an old friend of my passenger showed up, and he chose to occupy that truck instead of mine so they could catch up.

The denouement came that evening at the feed. I was around the corner from Mr. Hardaway, and he was talking about the day with his friend and others.

"I"m glad I rode with you today!

That fellow yesterday, the last time I was that scared in a jeep Hitler did it!"

Unfortunately I have to surrender my crown to another person. In his case, Mr. Hardaway actually got out of the truck in the middle of the day.

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