Saturday, September 17, 2011

First Day Cubhunting 2011-12 Season...

All RIGHT! It's about time, I have been developing vices.

Morning temperature in the fifties, cloudy, humid. Looked like a good scenting day for the OHH.

Let's go, girls and boys, ladies and gentlemen! (Remember if you click on a picture it gets much larger!)

This is about half the field!

Up the road a way, lurking with a temporarily horseless whipper in and a cereal heiress.

I might add, a charming, also HARSH and COLD whipper in. More on that another time...

So anyway, due to a fortunate technical foulup- wait, I meant fortuitous- he had no radio! It was like 2001! Or 1801 for that matter, all we had were our eyes and ears!

And surely enough, from behind us- the opposite direction from the planned draw- we heard- well, something. Coming from this ridge:

Yard dogs? Well it sounds like hounds, but, not really. Not right sounding, but dwelling, back and forth in the same area. Sounded like only a few voices but the same ones, and it is cubhunting after all. Too weak for a deer breakout, and these hounds are pretty well not a problem that way. Not enthusiastic enough for a bobcat. Possum? Random feral cat? Biscuit?

I forgot- Turkeys. Woods are full of them!

Well that was about all the excitement I heard for a long while. The other people with me went in search, and I disciplined myself to stay. Yes, I am resolved this season to try to break myself of haring off and of thinking. May as well try to control one vice...

So I tried to dope it out, and eventually did. There was cellular telephone usage, but I was already going there anyway.

Pretty day to be out...

and to whip in.

Hounds did try, but no game to run.

The end.

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Barbara said...

You cheat with cellular phones!?!? Tsk tsk.