Thursday, November 07, 2013

Back to France! Day one at Cheverny...

That's right...


Today, at Cheverny. This is a small forest, near the house of the same name in the Loire valley. Unexpected pleasure, a joint meet with the lovely Rivecourt!

A cheval!

Not everyone gets to go...

I am ready!

First draw...

Hounds found quickly, and pushed a Dague (I think) to the right...

Alas wrong stag, so a gather up and recast.

Hounds found again, and out of the drawn quarter came a fox!

(Clicquez on the picture, he's in the left center.)

Une biche aussi...

At which point I became even more confused. Plenty of bicycle

and car hunters were trying to figure it out...

And then hounds got loud inside the forest. Out of sight, but not far, and lovely back and forth music.

Eventually they faded away, and off we went.

The day turned pretty, dappled with light in the forest.

Turns out they had put him into water-that first bay was what we heard- then he ran again, and was killed. We went back for the curee.

Trotteur wanted to help wash the antlers...

Attention photographers, a new use for a crutch..

This Master is always careful of her hounds.

And ils l'aiment right back.

        Remember, friend, as you pass by,

                  As you are now so once was I.

                         As I am now you soon will be,

                                Prepare each day to follow me.

Rappelez-vous, mon ami, que vous passez devant,
Comme vous êtes maintenant donc une fois c'était moi.
Comme je suis en train de vous le seront bientôt,

Préparer chaque jour pour me suivre.

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