Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Funniest Sentence in the News Today...

The agency sent its new marijuana inspectors to recreational shops to monitor sales and make sure sellers understood the state's new marijuana-tracking inventory system meant to keep legal pot out of the black market.

Marijuana tracking system. Forsooth.

"Umm, I think I have some pot, somewhere..."

For serious,

"Medical pot users worried they'd be priced out of the market. Colorado's recreational pot inventory came entirely from the drug's supply for medical uses.
"We hope that the focus on recreational doesn't take the focus away from patients who really need this medicine," said Laura Kriho of the patient advocacy group Cannabis Therapy Institute."

 the FIRST DAY begins agitation for special medical weed subsidies.  Already trying to get some market control and distortion based on the power of guilt.

Also, the Colorado State Marijuana Inspectors- are they subject to Colorado's pre employment drug screening?

And if they test negative after they are hired, is that grounds for termination?

Because how could they be inspecting if they aren't around it?

P.S., can't sell these any more- it's Impersonating an Officer!
Again, economic seriousness. Talking about this with two people who know the economics of marijuana- one a user, one a drug squad officer.  The question, how much would it take to make it worth while to drive to Colorado  and buy for a syndicate? I said your expenses would be about $300, and I'd want to make $1000 profit for the trip. Figure 10 friends- more is risky. An ounce of good weed sells here for about $400, so that's what,  $530 an ounce?

The Colorado price, according to the article? $560. Go, free market. Instant pricing.

I suspect there will be a quick drop though, because of competition. Most people buying illegal things have a single source. 24 legal marijuana shops puts an end to that.

I predict a hotel and gasoline boomlet. And an uptick for Colorado UPS and FEDEX revenues too.

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