Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another Bloodless Victory For Islam!!!

"Yah, Ahmad! This is truly brilliant! Did Staghounds give you the idea, when he wrote back in 2006, "Next year, look for a terrorist plot involving exploding underwear. Then we'll have to fly naked."?

If only the Infidels never wake up, and realise that we do not really care about their stupid airplanes!

So many victories! First, of course, the panic. Then another panic the next day, over our "legitimate businessman" with a "health problem". Did you see those suitcases on the runway?

Then, I admit, you were right about the pre planning! To have Hassan call the Americans and pretend to be our operative's father. You knew the Godless Satans would talk about it. Now no one will call to warn, knowing the Americans will reveal their treason to God to the world!

Then, to have two Guantanamo releases blamed for planning the operation! The Enemy was already tearing at himself over the Brothers in Cuba, now it will be even better!

I expect you are right about the best part of your strategy, too. That the Frances Oldham Kelsey principle will mean that no matter how many martyrs we report, each one will receive their full attention!

All for the price of a ticket and some underwear!

Allah is truly great!

Hand me that prepaid cell phone and New York telephone book. Let's see... Mrs. Emanuel Goldfarb. Things are going to start happening to her now! Hello, Terror Warning Line? First, I want you to know that I am recording this call..."

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