Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Bizarre Public Statuary of Jersey…

The Bizarre Public Statuary of Jersey…

It is the law in this place that whenever a new building is put up, the builders must also erect a piece of art outside the building. Or, as one lovely resident has it, “Something that is art to them”.

All my reader knows that I enjoy some statuary- although I have yet to post my survey of the naked equestriennes of Denmark. One day, really.

But for the time being, here is the

naked flying girl of Jersey.

Life size. A day will come when that cable breaks, and the lawyers will have a field day.

Nearby, we have

Toad on a pole.

Pretty good giant bronze toad, as they go. For some obscure reason his/her column is inscribed with the punishments for crime as they were a hundred and fifty years ago.

Which brings a question to my mind. When criminals and their allies/minions/parasites go on and on about the savage punishments of the past. Why are they stuck on England in the time of Walpole?

I mean, I know why. Because they are ethnocentric and have a propaganda goal. They hate to recognize that before then punishments were worse, and that pre colonial punishments outside Europe were far more horrid.

The ones on the post don’t seem bad. Petty theft first time stocks, second time stocks and a beating, third time an ear.

Rape and incest, the rope.

Imprisonment is for weak, rich cultures.

And the requirement that the punishments be carri
ed out in public, and all schools required to take their pupils to watch, an excellent one.

We act like we feel guilty when we lock criminals up.

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