Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Amazing Christianity...

Usually I see the worst in human behaviour in my work. Yesterday was a change. I was prosecuting a car theft, an older couple had their car stolen. The thief was a neighbour child, single mother, 16 years old, directionless. The victims had sort of adopted him- bought him clothes, spent time with him. He repaid them by stealing and destroying their car, $11,000 worth.

Little weasel pled guilty. I announced the plea, the restitution amount and my standard reccommendation of an order that the defendant have no future contact with the victims or their property.

The victims interrupted me from behind.

"No, that isn't necessary."

"He is welcome in our home any time. We love him."

Some people really believe.


Jerry The Geek said...

Summertime, we're all doing vacation thingies and some of us don't visit the more interesting sources as often as we should.

But this areticle is precisely the reason why I like to read your blog. You present sociatal situations, quandries, exemplars that I can't get anywhere else.

As for the elderly couple who were so cruely abused by the clueless man-child/asp at their breast, I think it's a positive commentary on our collective humanity that such people still exist. However, I regret that they will continue to be victimized because their faith in others is not rewarded as it should be.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a more appropriate response: Mateo Falcone