Wednesday, July 13, 2005

BBC makes people mad by not using magic T word...

Seems the BBC style book frowns on using "terrorist". Discovering this has twisted many knickers.

I completely DISAGREE with the dhimmis at the BBC's reasons for changing to bombers, but I agree with the change. The words we use matter.

Murderers would be better. We have plenty of perfectly good English words.

I dislike the whole "terrorist" and "war on terror" term anyway. It seems that if our enemy's goal is to produce terror, that word should not pass our lips.

Yes the bombs may have terrified some people, but that's about the targets, not the killers.

And I have yet to be terrified. Angry, concerned, sad, all these, but not terrified. And of the dozen or so people I know who have been bombed, terror isn't the emotion they relate to me.

I'm not afraid of that bastard hog blowing trash.

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