Thursday, June 08, 2006

Now THIS is a case report...

My new colleague is the BEST. I asked how a case went, and I got this report.

Wee Willie Something
Went for a ride.
As it turned out,he
should have stayed inside.

It was Wee Willie's cousin
who led him astray,
He said, " I will steal me
a nice car today."

And wouldn't you know it
there sat the Crown Vic,
keys in it, still running,
just ripe to be picked.

So in it they jumped
and took off down the screet.
If the man hadn't seen them
it would have been sweet.

Then Wee Willie's cousin
let Wee Willie out.
And there stood the owner,
who said with a shout,

"Who is that sitting
behind my Vic's wheel?"
But loyal Wee Willie
wouldn't dare squeal.

That's how Willie wound up
under arrest.
He'd have been better off
If he had just confessed.

When the police came to get him
they sure didn't smile.
Wee Willie's seventeen,
a mere juvenile.

Will dealt with his charge
in the very worst way.
He said,
"I just won't go to court today!"

Wee Willie's eighteen now-
when they see him around
the cops will arrest him
and take him DOWNTOWN.

With Wee Willie's luck
they will add to the docket
a charge for the drugs
that he'll have in his pocket.

Watch out, Judge Kosinski!

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