Monday, June 13, 2005

In the interest of Racial Social Cultural Balance...

A people like us joke.

A man and wife are dining at a restaurant. A gorgeous woman comes in, walks over to the man, gives him a big kiss and says "I can't wait to see you later tonight".

She walks off.

Wife asks, "WHO was THAT?"

"That was my mistress."

"I'm not putting up with that. I want a divorce."

" That's fine. You know if we divorce, there will be no more ski house, no more beach house, no more new car every year, no more furs. But I understand, I'll call the lawyer in the morning and set it up."

They continue with the meal. Because they are people like us A few minutes later their friend Tom walks in, with a beautiful woman on his arm.

The wife asks her husband "Who is that with Tom?"

"That's his mistress."

The wife leans in and whispers,

Click these blue letters for the punch line, plus a bonus illustration by the New York Times!

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