Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Britain registers sexual tastes of police officers....

Yes, if you are a police employee, tell the boss who you like to fuck right away!

"Over the last 18 months, The Gay Police Association has been working to introduce sexual orientation monitoring for all police officers and police staff. Monitoring refers to the collection of data about the sexual orientation of a member of staff. The process is similar to that already used to identify race, gender and disability within organisations. Monitoring is voluntary and will rely on self-classification."

What does the form look like? Is it boxes, check all that apply? Or a blank to fill in?

Can I just write down Miranda Otto?

Someone who likes long walks on the beach?

Does one time back in college with that girl from Psychology class count?

What if I'm willing to switch for that hot Inspector down the hall?

The possibilities are endless.

And the monitoring aspect, does that mean they get to watch? Are pictures required? Testimonials?

Voluntary, right.

Really, why on earth is it the business of any government agency? Or anybody at all for that matter?

(Except Miss Otto and the Inspector down the hall.)

And why is a gay rights organisation pushing this? I know, because it's money, but think about it.

If there IS prejudice, then wouldn't they want to DISCOURAGE the question of sexual orientation being asked? Shouldn't that be off limits?

And if there is no prejudice, shouldn't it be a non issue?

But if there's no prejudice AND you want some sort of special advancement, well...

News for the gay police folks- registration precedes confiscation.

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    Windy Wilson said...

    "Registration precedes confiscation."

    "My brain? My brain is my second favorite organ."