Friday, June 10, 2005

Tears of the White Man Kill Again...

It looks as though Rhodesia / Zimbabwe is next on the democide list. Who could have predicted it?

I mean, only paying the slightest attention to Mugabe's own words and actions would have given an inkling. Lefties always act so surprised when Lenin or Mao or Pol Pot do EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAY THEY WILL, and exactly what their conduct shows they mean to do.

(One reason why people like Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean and Pat Buchanan are so scary.)

People suggest massive aid, peace keeping intervention, and other costly choices which might alleviate some suffering but ignore the problem.

The problem is the TYRANT.

The U. S., Britain, Denmark, Argentina, or any other advanced country could stop it today. Mugabe is easy to find and cruise missiles are cheap. George Soros, Bob Geldof, Richard Branson, or Bill Gates could probably make it happen.

The west has been crying the tears of the white man so long that it is political suicide to violently intervene in Africa. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Hillary Clinton will remain silent while millions die, but stop it effectively and watch them go ape. Any intervention other than giving money is racist, imperialist, colonialist, eurocentric, or some other third rail term.

They all do look alike to the left- Mugabe, Parks, Brawley, King. Because race really is everything to them and their ideology.

It's strangely similar to the bien-pensants' obsession with the "root causes" of crime- poverty, lack of self esteem, etc.

Just ANYTHING is better than holding an individual they sympathise with personally responsible for what he has chosen to do. That would mean respecting people, accepting that even poor black men make their own decisions and run their own lives. And there are no individuals, only groups and classes.

Some members of groups are responsible of course- Trent Lott is still on the hook for every single word.

Anyway, solving the problem is simple- kill Mugabe and make it clear that the next tyrant will get the same. His successor might need sending off too, but the third man would know the deal and make it work.

But that won't happen. Because he's a black man killing black people in a place far away.

Whether it's Harare or Harlem, nobody important really cares about that.

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