Saturday, June 18, 2005

A murder juror raps...

This week wound up a trial for a man who killed a fine young police officer, Julie Jacks.

It appears that one of the jurors felt compelled to write a letter to the local e-paper,

Here it is...

"Determining Innocence Or Guilt: There's A 50/50 Chance Of Being Wrong

(While reviewing tapes and pictures of dead bodies, holding back tears for the victim, trying to be strong)

To think that this man's destiny lies in our hands

Trying to get a perspective of both sides, looking at evidence from a stance.

Will our decision bring justice for the victim, for she's no longer here?

Will we make the right decision, this is what I fear.

Trying to stay awake.

How much longer will this take?

Is this man really insane?

I can feel both parties' pain.

Listening to witnesses as they're brought in back

Trying to determine if what they're saying is fiction or fact

We're all in this together. We've become each other's family

Conversing, going out to dinner, enjoying each other's company.

Question remains in the back of my mind. . . When will this come to an end?

But overall happy to know that I've obtained 15 new friends

But we have no other choice but to stick this thing out

And I'm confident in the end we'll make the right decision without a doubt."

It's a good thing we have juries, right? So the collective wisdom of our finest citizens is used to decide the most important questions.


A jury trial is like going into McDonald's and giving the first 12 people in line the authority to assign your house, job, and spouse.

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