Sunday, June 12, 2005

More African Slaughter, Thanks to the G8 Giveaway...

When relief and make work got started back in the 1930s my hard headed grandfather said, "You get what you pay for. Even if it's only a dollar a day, it will be enough for some people. And since they are wards of the state, all they will do is breed more like them."

So true. And the west is paying for third world tyranny, war, famine, and democide. This latest 50+ billion is only the most recent reward for the Mugabes, Bokassas, and Samuel Does. As long as we keep writing them checks, they will keep using the cash to protect themselves.

As usual, the left seem to think that black men are stupid, and will do what the master thinks is best for the master. NO, Mugabe and Nguema are not fools. They got where they are by being at least as shrewd as anyone on the planet, and a good deal more ruthless than most. They are what they are. It is insane to think that men who have climbed to the top over the corpses of their own compatriots will suddenly renounce their whole personalities because some white men asked them to.

You say you want change, yet you pay for things as they are. That won't work with a child and it certainly won't with a kleptocrat.

The ONLY THING that permits genuine quality of life advancement is economic liberty- the ability of individuals to keep the proceeds of their own labour. Economic liberty is something that a tyrant can never permit, because if Mr. Peasant gets to decide how he sells his crop, then Mr. Dictator doesn't.

Only the most profound wilful ignoring of all history, all life experience, and the torment and death of millions can permit the belief that this will do anything but make things worse.

We get what we pay for. Disease, torture, starvation, death. But it's all happening to dark people far away.

Gordon Brown says that the next infusion of our money "must" go to medecine, schools, and infrastructure.

That means new palaces for the ministers of health, education, and public works!

I am grateful that there was no one to help out European and North American developement through charity. We'd still be living in wattle huts.

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